Come on a paper corner that you don’t know. Come take a look.

65 Published by admin 3月 06,2019

Paper angle bead, also known as edge board, is one of the most popular packaging products in the world, replacing wood packaging and other bulky packaging methods. It has the characteristics of low price, light weight, firmness and environmental protection requirements. Also known as paper wrap angle or corner paper board, edge board, angle paper, paper angle steel, the tube paper and cattle cardboard are shaped and pressed by a set of angle guards. The ends are smooth and flat, no obvious burrs, and they are perpendicular to each other. It can replace 100% wood recycling and is an ideal new green packaging material.

The paper corner is made up of multiple kraft papers and is pressed by a corner protector. It is mainly L-shaped and U-shaped. After being used for stacking goods, it can strengthen the edge support of the package and protect its overall packaging strength. It is a green packaging material that can replace 100% recycled wood.

The global low-carbon environmental storm has spread to the packaging field and put forward the concept of low-carbon packaging. The main contents of low-carbon packaging include light weight packaging, clean production, green products, energy saving and emission reduction, and paper-based wood. Paper substitute wood is the core of low carbon packaging. The recycling of waste paper not only reduces the amount of wood, but also cuts down trees, protects the ecological environment, and saves energy and water. According to calculations, the use of waste paper to produce 1 ton of paper can save 5 cubic meters of wood, 60 cubic meters of water, 300 kWh, and the paper corner protector as a new protective packaging material for edge protection, corner protection, roof protection and bottom protection, opening up ” “No container packaging” “new ways, all kinds of items, where you only need to protect their corners, do not have to be inclusive of goods, greatly benefited, more energy-saving and environmentally friendly.