Many wonderful uses of L-shaped Paper Angle

27 Published by admin 2月 18,2019

L-shaped paper corner protection has many wonderful uses, this by the editor of Shenzhen Chengxing Packaging Materials Co., Ltd. to explain slowly:

L-shaped paper corner can increase the strength of the angle, strengthen the inside of the box to increase the stacking strength;

Protection of all corners: l-shaped paper corners can wrap the product together from all sides to make it stronger and stronger.

Edge protection: all the edges and corners of the product can be wrapped with L-shaped paper angle, which can protect and support the product during the whole handling operation,l-shaped paper angle can fix the goods on the tray, but also play a protective role;

Edge protection: l-shaped paper corner protection products to prevent binding damage.  good thermal shrinkage, can provide a particularly tight packaging effect.

L-shaped paper corner:

U-shaped paper corner: