The role and correct usage of paper corners

54 Published by admin 1月 24,2019

The role and correct usage of paper corners

Role of paper and correct usage

1. Paper corners can be bundled together to make the overall package more solid and firm.
2. When the goods are fixed on the tray, the paper corner protects the product and its edges.

3. Protect and support the product during handling.


Correct storage and use of paper corners

1. When using auxiliary tools such as forklifts, pay attention to flattening and flattening to prevent uneven force or local stress;

2. Only the goods on the paper tray have been packaged and formed before they can be transported, so as to avoid the above goods being scattered or the local force is too large, causing deformation and damage of the paper tray;

3. The foot and the panel of the paper tray are glued together (partially reinforced with plastic nails).
Local stress should be avoided。

4. The company’s products are moisture-proof according to customer requirements, but it does not mean that it can be immersed in water for a long time;